Our Policies
Infant                        6wks-1.5yr                     1:4
Toddler                   1.5yr-3yrs                        1:5
Preschool              3yrs-4yrs                         1:6
Pre-K                       4yrs-5yrs                         1:12
Kindergarten         5yrs-6yrs                         1:15
Child-Teacher Ratio
All food and drinks are provided by the parents, (breakfast, lunch and
snacks).  Please pack your child's lunch in a lunch box or bag labeled
with your child's name.
Lunch:  microwavable meals are encouraged(nothing that takes longer
than 1 minute to heat please), leftovers, sandwiches, vegetables, etc.
Snacks:  at least 4 snacks per day, including fruit, yogurts, pudding, etc.
Drinks:  milk, fruit juice(at least 10% fruit juice), and water.
Active playing inside and outside are a regular part of our school day.  
Please dress your child in clothing suitable for painting, running,
climbing, playing on the floor and in the sandbox.
For children 6 weeks to 2 years please provide 2 extra changes of
clothing.  For children 2 years to 7 years old 1 extra change should be
provided (extra clothing should include shirt, pants (shorts in summer),
underwear, and socks).
For children who are not yet potty trained, please provide at least 6
diapers per day.
Our children enjoy playing outside all year.  In the colder months, please
provide your child with the appropriate clothing: hat, mittens(not gloves),
snowpants, boots, etc.
Illness & Medication
If a child has an oral temperature, more than two episode of vomiting or
diarrhea in one day or any other symptoms(like uncontrolled coughing)
that might prohibit your child from participating in everyday activities, a
parent will be contacted to pick up his/her child.  If the parent will be
taking the child to a doctor and a contagious illness is diagnosed, the
parent will call the school to report the diagnosis and the tentative return
date of the child with a doctor's note.
Children with a fever are not allowed back to the daycare for 24 hours
after the fever stops with NO medication.
We will administer medications with written authorization from the
parent.  Prescription medications must be in the original bottle labeled by
the pharmacy.  Non-prescription medications must also be in their
original containers or bottles.
Conflict among preschoolers, testing limits and trying out unacceptable
behaviors are all part of the developmental process for any normal
healthy child.  We expect and even welcome these behaviors as
evidence of a child's continued growth and development and recognize
them as valuable opportunities for learning effective life skills.
In some instances, a child might have to be removed from a situation if
he/she is being physically aggressive or unable to control his/her
behavior.  The teacher will re-direct the child in a positive manner to a
different activity.
Tuition, Late Fees, & Charges
Country Bear is open Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (during this COVID time to ensure ample staffing and extra time to clean and sanitize), year
round.  It will be helpful if children over the age of 2 be at school by 9:
am.  All programs begin at 9:
30 am.  Please be sure that your child is
picked up no later than 5:
55 pm.  It is a long day for both children and
teachers.  Late pick-up requires teachers to work beyond their scheduled
time and to often be late for their own after work commitments.  Parents
will be charged a late fee of $10.00 for the first 10 minutes and an
additional $10.00 for each 5 minutes they are late.
Unless other arrangements are made tuition is due every Thursday.  If
payment is late a $30.00 late fee is added to your tuition.  If your child's
tuition payment is two weeks late, you will be asked to remove your child
from the school
until you catch back up.  Receipts are available upon
request.  Full tuition must be paid if your child is absent for any
such as vacations, illness, adverse weather, or holidays.